Guess what? You DON’T have to wear matching outfits!

Documentary family photography is a new and contemporary way to have your family photographed while maintaining the integrity of your story. It’s different, it’s honest, and the laid-back approach makes it a breath of fresh air for families.

The Ease of Keeping it Real

Documentary family photography comes with absolutely no expectations or extensive planning on your part. Parents don’t need to find the right outfits. They don’t need to worry about forcing kids to stand still, behave, or smile. Dad doesn’t need to drag his feet. No one needs to pick a special location. What is more special than your home? You don’t even need to clean it! You simply need to be yourselves for a day, doing the normal day to day things. The biggest challenge will probably be getting comfortable with someone hanging around with a camera. There may be some great conversations, or you may forget that the photographer is even there. Most likely, there will be a little bit of both. There is no pressure, no judgment and I promise you, the moments in your day are far more interesting than anything that could be directed or posed.

The Value of Your Family Story

We can put any family in a field around sunrise or sunset and get a beautiful family portrait, which carries its own worth, so much so that with every documentary collection I offer I allow for time to take a posed family portrait.

However, documenting your family reveals the whole story. The integrity in documentary photography captures the uniqueness of YOUR family. Your true story is invaluable and inspiring. It is your past, your present, and your future. When you are old and gray you can look at your family album and be reminded of who you once were as a family. It allows future generations the opportunity to see where they came from and gives them a better sense of who they are. In a traditional family portrait, you could be any family. Let the grandchildren and great grandchildren see who you were and what life was truly like in your era. Nothing beats the real story.

It’s the Best New Thing In Family Photography

In this day and age authenticity is the buzz word. Gone are the days of keeping up with the Jones’s. People know better. The advent of social media stresses the importance of being real. All too often we have seen only the highlights of others’ lives. People are over it, and many have started sharing the low lights of their lives as a counterbalance. There is no need to pretend your life is perfect because we all know nobody’s is. This most certainly applies to families, too. All children will misbehave. All parents occasionally become exasperated. The struggles of parenting along with the joys deserve to be seen. It gives others encouragement, hope, and comfort to know everyone experiences highs and lows. Let others draw strength and inspiration from your story by documenting it.

This emerging genre is perfect if you don’t want to deal with getting everyone dressed up to pose for an hour of photographing. It’s prefect if you want something truly valuable to pass down to future generations. It’s perfect if you simply want a family photo that keep things real.

If you are interested in learning more about the up and coming approach to family photography, contact me and I am happy to share all the details.