Every now and then I encounter a family that makes me think maybe I do want add one or two little people to my own family. The Roa family was one of those families. I followed this family around Poulsbo for a day for a Feature Story photo session. Here is an excellent example of what documentary family photography looks like.

I arrived around noon, just as the kids were having lunch. As I made myself comfortable, which usually means my chilling out on the floor, the youngest immediately climbed into my lap. My heart melted. She quickly moved on to hugging the family’s corgi, melting my heart even more. The oldest won me over pretty quickly, too, when he pulled out his own camera. (His mom is a pretty phenomenal photographer herself. You can see her work here.)  After a brief shoe/coat battle, we all piled into the family ride and headed to the local plant nursery and the grocery store.

The weather cleared up and the sun came out. When the sun is out in Washington, you go outside, and that’s just what we did. The kids played in the backyard and helped mom with gardening while dad grilled up some dinner. After dinner, we all piled back into the car, this time heading for the ice cream parlor. The day wound down with the normal bed time routine; baths and bedtime stories.

As you see, nothing special needed to be planned. It was a Saturday like any other Saturday and I was so honored to have the privilege of documenting it for them. The average day in your life right now, will not be the average day forever. As children grow up and adults grow older routines change and today’s routines become a memory. I am 100% behind a nice family portrait but the stories of your every day are just as important and 110% worth documenting. There are only so many family trips to the grocery store in a lifetime.

Little boy slurping soup from a bowl little girl slurping on a noodle

Little girl hugging a corgi

Mother trying to get her toddler daughter's shoes on Mother trying to get her toddler daughter's shoes on father and mother trying to get toddler daughter's coat on father and mother trying to get toddler daughter's coat ona family outside their SUV A little boy in a nursery taking pictures of plants a family buying plants at a plant nursery

A father and mother in a bedtime routine with their childrenLittle boy putting his pajamas on woman reading a bedtime story to her son and daughter