I want to tell your story in pictures, so here is a glimpse of my story, in pictures. From the good times with my friends and family to the bad times of pouting and mullets, here are some of my most memorable moments.

For more about me and why I do what I do, you can check out my very first blog post here.

My sister and I on one of our family vacations to the Outer Banks. We are a family of animal lovers, and often one or more our pets accompanied us on vacations. On this trip we took our cat, BJ, who I am holding here.

When I was young, I loved acting. On my first audition ever, I was thrilled to land the lead role of Alice in "You Can't Take It With You." All of my siblings came to see my first performance. How I landed the role is beyond me because the audition was terrible and incredibly embarrassing!

Growing up in Ohio I was lucky to experience many snow days. These days were spent building snowmen, sometimes with our cats and dogs. I am next to the snowman, on the left, holding my cat, Emma Jane. My sisters are holding Jasper & Nicodemus. My mom is holding Little Girl; she is notorious for naming pets by gender and color, often preceded with "little."

The three youngest and some of our favorite toys.

Being the youngest of 5 I was picked on incessantly! In addition to what you see here, my sisters would sometimes light my flannel pajama pants on fire while I was in them, and occasionally douse my butt with Lysol. Somehow, I've found a way to keep loving them.

My last school picture. Judging from the looks of it, maybe that was a good thing....

Although I was often subjected to sibling torture as a child, I look up to each one of my siblings. They took turns standing up for me, protecting me, and taking care of me. I am incredibly thankful for the things I have learned, and continue to learn from all of them.

Greg and I met in 2014 at a random bar while I was visiting family and friends in Ohio. I honestly never thought I'd see him again, but I gave him my number anyways. Countless Skype calls, dozens of flights, and two years later, I quit my job and moved to Washington so we could start our life together.

One of my favorite photos of my mom and I. People used to ask me if I felt as though I'd missed out by not attending traditional high school. I suppose in many ways I did, but being home-schooled gave me a great deal of one on one time with my mom that I otherwise would not have had. The time spent with her was priceless and worth far more to me than anything traditional high school could have offered.

Pouting on my mom's lap. As a child I was known to do two things: pout and whine. If my memory is correct, I wanted to go to McDonalds-not have a family photo taken!

Pouting on my dad's lap. I don't recall the reason for pouting in this one but I love it all the same, as it tells me a little about who little Andi was.

Mullet #1 - yes, there was more than one.

Another one of my favorites with my mom.

I have 8 nieces and 3 nephews. With those kids, I have been playing horsey for nearly 20 years. I take great pride in being the crazy aunt.

In 2015 I hiked to the top of Yosemite's Half Dome with my sister and brother-in-law. It was the most psychologically and physically challenging thing I had ever done. When we approached the final stretch, my sister and I looked at the cables, asking ourselves and one another,"WHY?!" Yet, we made it. I am so grateful to have shared such an amazing experience with them.

Our family farm in its glory days.

My dad with his kids. There is a whole lot of hairspray and mousse going on here.

The three youngest, Christmas, circa 1987-ish.

Photo subjects of my youth.

My dad was one of the first to come visit me after I moved to Los Angeles. Like every dad with his youngest he had his reservations about me moving to the big city, but after this visit I became his "LA kid", champion of the big city!

In 2016, some college buddies and I biked a portion of the Camino de Santiago. 216.14km/134.302mi. • 919.886km/3018ft elevation gain and drop • 20:09 hrs • 4 days And we are all still friends.

We had all the animals when I was a kid: Horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, cats, dogs, and these birds. At one point we had a rescued baby pigeon living on top of our refrigerator.

My best friend, Shaunda, and I on Halloween 2015. We spent a year sharing a one bedroom apartment when she first moved to Los Angeles, just like Bert and Ernie.

My mom with her 5 kids. Me in her lap.

Building sandcastles with my brother in the Outer Banks circa 1991, sporting a massive wedgie. The Outer Banks will forever remind me of my mom's excitement about taking her children to see the ocean for the first time.

Being the crazy aunt. Eventually they get too big for horsey, and we must turn to simple piggy back rides.

The whole family before my mom and dad went their separate ways.