“Photography takes an instant out of time and alters life by holding it still.”

~Dorothea Lange


Hold onto your moments by holding them still.


I offer three different collections of different shooting durations.

All collections include the following:

Professional Editing

Online Artisan Proof Gallery

Online Full Proof Gallery

10x10 Photo Book

Short, Short Story

$600, 3 Hours of Shooting 

A small glimpse into your family’s story, this collection is great for a time of day that is normally full of activity, whether a walk in the park, making dinner, or a trip to the grocery store. Three hours gives everyone enough time to get comfortable with me being around and allows time for those candid moments to naturally unfold.

Short Story

$950, 5 Hours of Shooting

A great option if you are not quite ready to commit to a full day, the Short Story collection works around the most active time of day for your family and also allows a little time for some of the more tender moments that come with kids waking up in the morning, nap time, or bed time tuck ins.

Feature Story

$1450, Full Day of Shooting

This is your whole story. From early morning when the kiddos are getting up until bed time, this is a complete representation of what your family life is right now, in this moment. This collection works very well for families with preschool age children and toddlers.

Events & Branding – I have experience shooting weddings, portraits, & branding work. I enjoy occasionally doing these shoots when I feel they are a great fit. Please contact me for a customized collection & to view specific portfolios.

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